Vasoulla Iannou aka Vassie



“Vassie” is a 23 year old Greek Cypriot Female Lyricist and Songwriter from East London. After many studio sessions over the past year, her debut EP entitled, ‘Vassie Who?’, is now ready for the world. Stax and Swae, her production collaborators on this project joined forces with Vassie to create a diverse urban pop sound with catchy melodies and original beats.

Vassie is currently immersed in working on her debut album, which features over 10 tracks of varied genres of music. 
When conceptualizing her own songs, Vassie draws heavily from her own experiences. Vassie enjoys making music that resonates with peoples lives. “I like being a storyteller!” she states.

Quoting her: “Here I am, With Love in my heart I’ll conquer, Here I am, No matter what I face makes me stronger”… is the perfect introduction to Vassie’s identity as an artist. The ‘Vassie Who? EP ‘in wordz and soundz’ is an allegory of her musical journey so far as an artist.


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