TXTR Unveils 5 Inches eReader – Beagle

October 11, 2012, Mark Collins

(GSM Insider) – German manufacturer TXTR unveils the eReader which is the world cheapest eReader and world smallest eReader – Beagle. The price of TXTR Beagle is only at as low as €10. Trust me. Only 10 EUROS.

TXTR Beagle comes with a 5 inches display with 800 x 600 E-Ink Resolution. The thickness not more than 5mm and the weight is 128g. There are no microUSB port or HDMI port. So is it no need to charge? Yes. No charging required of TXTR Beagle. It powered by three AAA size battery. The three AAA size battery able to provide standby time up to 365 days.

TXTR Beagle has 4GB of ROM storage. With the price of only 10 EUROS, it has no 3G connectivity. So it has no relationship with any other carriers in Germany. It still remains unknown on the launch date of TXTR Beagle. TXTR set to release this eReader in America, Asia and Europe. Lets welcome another cheap gadget to the market.

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