Google Made The Tiniest Change To Its Corporate Logo — See If You Can Even Spot It

If you’re an obsessive designer, you might have seen a subtle tweak to Google’s logo made over the weekend. If you’re like the rest of the planet, you missed it. Reddit was the first to spot the change.

Before we reveal what’s new, we’ll give you a chance to try to spot the difference. Here is the old logo:


google old 2



Awesome Design Portfolios

With many portfolios online, it’s often hard to stand out from the sea of competition out there. It takes a creative design to grab the user’s attention long enough for him or her to enjoy sifting through your work. Adding rich interactive elements, framing your work in a unique way, and concocting a means of providing a unique experience can not only get the user’s attention but also show your capabilities as a designer. In this showcase, you’ll find a variety of beautiful, unique and Outstanding example of design portfolios.

Jesse Willmon

Outstanding Example of Design Portfolios

Odd Web Things

Outstanding Example of Design Portfolios

30 Beautiful Hand-Drawn Style Websites

October 11, 2012

Nothing says authenticity like hand-drawn. This is true for heart-felt letters to family, shop signs that want to give a homey feel, and it’s also true in web design.
In fact, hand drawn elements have become popular on the web lately. They can give a site that unique and personalized feeling everyone envisions when setting out.

In this article, we have 30 hand drawn websites with beauty to inspire your own hand-drawn visions.

Think Brown Stone

Think Brown Stone

Boot B

Boot B

UI Wireframe Sketches

By  on Oct 4, 2012

Wireframes are the skeleton of an idea, and it is really interesting to observe how other people do their wireframes because we can get several ideas and insights for our own projects. There are many different approaches to wireframes, from detailing kinds of information you will display, to showing a range of functions available, or laying out the several scenarios you have in mind. Wireframes are a important step of the creating process. Today we gathered a few good examples of wireframe sketches to show you how other designers are developing their ideas. Wireframes are a great way to show your ideas for a project and to discuss it with other people involved in the process. So go for it. Make sure to click on the images to learn more about each sketch and its designer.

How I wireframe/sketch Mac Apps by Oykun

Inspiring Wireframes Sketches

23 Great Examples of Illustrated Elements in Web Design

Illustrated Elements in Web Design | Inspiration.

Illustrated elements are great way to give a website a unique look. Whether its an illustrated background, a stylish sketched font, or hand drawn icons, using illustrated elements can give a design tons of personality. For this post, we’ve gathered 23 examples of illustrated elements in web design to inspire you for your next project.

, Smashing Magazine, October 1 2012