Google Made The Tiniest Change To Its Corporate Logo — See If You Can Even Spot It

If you’re an obsessive designer, you might have seen a subtle tweak to Google’s logo made over the weekend. If you’re like the rest of the planet, you missed it. Reddit was the first to spot the change.

Before we reveal what’s new, we’ll give you a chance to try to spot the difference. Here is the old logo:


google old 2



Black and White Logos for your Inspiration

…logos are a really good inspiration source, specially when they are well designed. You’ll see that you don’t always need colour to create an effective design. From minimalistic logos to typography based ones and also illustrative, You’re sure to be inspired.

Black and White Logos

Black and White Logos

Designs That Got Rejected By Clients

Oct 5 2012 by Martijn Oud

Websites, logos, user interface components and icons can — and often do — get rejected by clients and bosses for various reasons. But that doesn’t mean they’re not great designs.

In fact, I’d like to show my appreciation of some excellent designs on Dribbble (a community site for designers to show their work) that didn’t make the cut for reasons like “it doesn’t fit in our design” or “it’s not what we are looking for.”

By the way, if you’re interested in seeing more rejected designs, check out Dribbble’s#rejected keyword tag.

The Rejected Designs

Graphic designer Ross A. Whelan made the awesome badge logo concept for a food TV show and says that he was “a little heartbroken” when he found out that it was rejected.

The piece features great typography, creative use of a fork and knife referencing the nature of the show and has a nice vintage look.

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