Clever wooden, soft, cushion-like seat made from hardwood

Hardwood made soft, the Ash Cushion by Mary Dickerson cleverly enhances the natural resilience of ashwood, resulting in a solid yet springy seating surface, made extra wide to allow for playing with while seated.

Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away

Not long after I began writing about cybersecurity, I became a paranoid caricature of my former self. It’s hard to maintain peace of mind when hackers remind me every day, all day, just how easy it is to steal my personal data.

Within weeks, I set up unique, complex passwords for every Web site, enabled two-step authentication for my e-mail accounts, and even covered up my computer’s Web camera with a piece of masking tape — a precaution that invited ridicule from friends and co-workers who suggested it was time to get my head checked.

But recent episodes offered vindication. I removed the webcam tape — after a friend convinced me that it was a little much — only to see its light turn green a few days later, suggesting someone was in my computer and watching. More recently, I received a text message from Google with the two-step verification code for my Gmail account. That’s the string of numbers Google sends after you correctly enter the password to your Gmail account, and it serves as a second password. (Do sign up for it.) The only problem was that I was not trying to get into my Gmail account. I was nowhere near a computer. Apparently, somebody else was.

Black and White Logos for your Inspiration

…logos are a really good inspiration source, specially when they are well designed. You’ll see that you don’t always need colour to create an effective design. From minimalistic logos to typography based ones and also illustrative, You’re sure to be inspired.

Black and White Logos

Black and White Logos

Britain’s top 20 worst streets for broadband

Britain's slowest street for broadband offers a connection that would take 25 hours to download a film (Image: Fotolia)

Britain’s worst street for broadband is Cromarty Road in Stamford, Lincolnshire – with a 0.132mbps speed so slow it would take 25 hours to download a film.

The results of a nationwide survey pinpointed the road as the worst in the UK – with a connection 500 times slower than the fastest, Willowfield in Telford.

The results come from 2,261,336 speed tests conducted by’s speedchecker.

The survey has highlighted entire counties that are blackspots for broadband speed.

Awesome Design Portfolios

With many portfolios online, it’s often hard to stand out from the sea of competition out there. It takes a creative design to grab the user’s attention long enough for him or her to enjoy sifting through your work. Adding rich interactive elements, framing your work in a unique way, and concocting a means of providing a unique experience can not only get the user’s attention but also show your capabilities as a designer. In this showcase, you’ll find a variety of beautiful, unique and Outstanding example of design portfolios.

Jesse Willmon

Outstanding Example of Design Portfolios

Odd Web Things

Outstanding Example of Design Portfolios

2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R



Kawasaki is bringing back a cult classic with its 636-powered 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R ($11,699). The middleweight sportbike features a slightly larger displacement engine for added mid-range punch which provide a more enjoyable ride on the street and racetrack. 

3 Easy Exercises to Boost Your Entrepreneural Creativity

3 Easy Exercises to Boost Your Creativity

As an entrepreneur, your job is to be one step ahead of the market, always ready with the next big idea. Whether you want to design a new product or disrupt a market, you need to be able to come up with creative solutions for problems of everyday life.

Creativity often eludes us because we’re accustomed to certain norms. “We’re highly socialized and have fixed assumptions about what the world looks like,” says Barry Staw, an organizational behaviorist at University of California, Berkeley. “You have to try to envision another world.”

To do that, Staw suggests a series of exercises, all designed to help you consider a wider range of options as you brainstorm.

Canton Jones, Lecrae, Da T.R.U.T.H. 2012 Stellar Awards Full Performance

1. Canton Jones opens with the song G.O.D.

2. Lecrae raps the last verse to Just Like You

3. Da T.R.U.T.H. raps the first ans second verse to Without GOD

4. All three finish with a New collaboration version of the song Awesome GOD

The Short Measure

The late Jerry Clower, a teller of funny stories, related a hilarious tale about the lady who went into an old-fashioned butcher shop. She said to the proprietor behind the refrigerated meat case, “I would like a 3½ pound frying chicken.” It was near the end of the day, and as the butcher reached down behind the counter into the chest full of ice that had contained the poultry, he found there was only one left. He plopped the chicken on the scale, and it weighed a little less than 3½ pounds. The customer said, “Well, I’d like one that is a little larger.” With that, the butcher put the chicken back in the ice chest, swished it around to fill the body cavity with ice, then plopped the bird again on the scale.  It now weighed 4 pounds.  “Oh, good!” the lady exclaimed, “I’ll take both of them!”

Finding the Courage to Start a Business

October 15, 2012 | l

Gurbaksh Chahal

When planning a business, what is the best way to get over the fear of the unknown?

Fear is your worst enemy – risk is your best friend. The best thing about the unknown is the meaning itself: If success were guaranteed, the journey wouldn’t be the same. And the journey is actually what inspires and shapes us to understand that success isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be worth it.

Introducing Grace | The Recreation Project

via Introducing Grace | The Recreation Project.

I moved to Gulu in January and almost immediately started hearing rumour of a climbing wall. Being a keen climber and general outdoor adventure-nut, I had to investigate. This is how I found The Recreation Project.
My first impression was one of amazement that someone had even thought to build an outdoor activity centre in a developing country, in a former conflict zone. With a background in youth work, outdoor education and mental health, I understand and have witnessed the benefits of adventure-based therapy first-hand back home in New Zealand. What I didn’t expect was to meet people with the vision and drive to use this tool to work with war-affected youth in northern Uganda. My first reaction was to ask when I could climb on their wall!

Preaching on Racism

October 12, 2012, Joe McKeever

We all have our blind spots. Yours is a little more obvious to the rest of us than it is to you. Mine is so much a part of me, I might need your assistance to find it.

“Well, one thing I know–I’m not a racist.”

No one automatically thinks of themselves as in bondage to prejudice. Not even the fiercest member of the most radical white-supremacy group would admit to such. No, he’s just fully aware of the differences in people, he would probably say, and proud of his own identity.

Since racism wears so many disguises, all of them attractive and comfortable–just being who we are, authentically human, our true nature, and “I’m no hypocrite!”–we may require an outside source to call our attention to this alien force which can poison our relationships, betray our commitments, and abandon those looking to us as Christ-figures.

I once preached on racism to the largest church in the state, a congregation without a single minority member, and some of whose leaders were known as staunch defenders of segregation.  It will not surprise you to know I was very young at the time. (Translation: bold, daring, and somewhat foolhardy.)

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