sunday contemplation!

images and moments keep running through my mind lord-You are so amazing!Monday;exam!i passed to the glory of your name Lord-Tuesday;CU and Teen challenge-what a blessing!thank you Lord for the things you have allowed me to become a part of!Wednesday;choir practice!who would have ever thought?the girls have amazing voices at that and Paul ‘the inventor’ asked to join!amazing You are Lord-Thursday;………(blank!!)Oh LORD!-Friday;CF n chinese night-what a blessing LORD….Saturday;A new family!3 sisters, a brother and two parents!..n today i got to see suga after such a long time and mom called-Thank you LORD for blessing me!……next week my sisters and brothers, CU, CF, SU meeting, FUSION, VISA application, courseworks, lectures and through all this you sustain me LORD and continue to bless me….i love you LORD…….continue to teach me to love LORD….to walk in your ways and to serve your people in Jesus’ name.

Guy Fawkes night!!!

Thank you Lord for a lovely day!I saw your glory today;Your children are beautiful. You’ve allowed me to meet Jo-anna, Hazel, Sandra and Israel-Teach me to love Lord that I might manifest your glory to them; Met Emily again and Wai Kit-Bless them Lord and give them a deeper revelation of who you are. Thank you Lord for keeping my family and for providing for us Lord-truly the righteous can never go hungry-I love you Lord-Thank you for dying for me-It always amazes me!! pictures today of your glory.